How to get the most out of your sleep and workout: А conversation with Stephanie

Stephanie reveals the one thing that has helped her reach her fitness goals faster than
ever before: sleep. In this conversation, she shares her insights on how getting a good
night’s sleep can help you recover from your workouts, improve your performance, and
boost your mood.

Stephanie is an inspiring influencer and trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. She knows that sleep is essential for recovery and performance, and she’s always looking for ways to improve her own sleep. We asked her to explain why sleep is so important for fitness enthusiasts and how you can get the best sleep of your life.

What's your #1 piece of advice for fitness enthusiasts who want to perform at their best?

Without a perfect regeneration and recovery, an athlete or fitness enthusiasts cannot get the best out of himself and his body and therefore cannot perform perfectly.

How does the ErgoSportive™ bed align with your values of health, wellness, and sustainability?

The ErgoSportive™ bed is the first bed that supports me with its functions in my daily fitness routine and helps me in a positive way, e.g. massage, zero G, dimmable LED, etc. Its also sustainable due to its high quality of materials and workmanship. Very particularly durable and stable.

What makes the ErgoSportive™ bed an attractive addition to any fitness enthusiast's bedroom?

I love aesthetics and this bed evaluates each bedroom by its appearance and its functions. Not only is it super practical, but it’s also totally modern and easy to set up and use.

Which features help you recover from your workouts so you can crush your next session?

The sleep monitoring and analysis help me to recover optimally so that I can hit the ground running for the next workout.

What's your favourite thing about being a brand ambassador for Ergomotion® Plus?

I would like to share my positive experiences, to inspire and convince other people as well.