Sleep, Sweat, Repeat: Exploring Max Capron's active summer lifestyle

Join us for an engaging conversation with our brand ambassador as he shares his firsthand experiences and practical tips on how to thrive in an active summer lifestyle while prioritizing rest and rejuvenation.

What role does quality sleep play in optimizing athletic performance and overall well-being during the warmest time of the year?

As we all know, training and competitions are much more complicated in the summer, when you have to keep up your performance despite the heat. In my opinion, sleep needs to be optimized even further if we are to perform at our best. The heat sometimes places greater demands on our energy during exercise. That’s why, once again, a good night’s sleep should be an even greater priority for any athlete wishing to perform in his or her discipline.

How do you manage your sleep schedule when juggling various summer activities and events?

In crossfit, competitions often take place over 2 or 3 days. Sleep is a very important factor for optimal recovery from one day to the next. I always try to get at least 8 hours of sleep if the schedule between events allows it.

Any practical tips for balancing an active summer lifestyle while prioritizing rest and rejuvenation?

I’d say it’s important to put priorities where they belong when you’re in an important period as an athlete. That’s why I always make sure I get to bed early to get my 8 hours of sleep. I also place a great deal of importance on my diet and hydration to optimize all recovery factors.

How do you personally incorporate ErgoSportive™ Smart Bed into your summer routine to enhance your rest and recovery?

What I love to do at these times is to get into bed 30 minutes before bedtime. Put my bed in position Zero-G with the vibrating function activated to facilitate blood circulation and relax me as much as possible to be ready for à good night’s sleep.

Can you highlight any specific features or benefits that have significantly improved your sleep quality and recovery?

The fact that I can put myself in the Zero-G position makes it easier for me to fall asleep. The anti-snoring function also improves my sleep quality. Finally, we don’t talk about it enough, but quality bedding radically changes everything if you want to optimize your recovery during sleep.