Get your free Garmin® Wearable

Buy your Ergosportive™ bed and receive a free Garmin® code worth 200€ in a selection of Garmin® Wearables

To receive your free Garmin® code, you only need to to complete your ErgoSportive™ bed registration here. After a successful registration, you will receive an e-mail with your unique Garmin® code and information on how to get the Garmin® wearable of your choice.

You will receive only one unique code per bed base. You cannot get more than one code for each individual bed base. The ErgoSportive™ 90 x 200 and 140 x 200 models are 1 bed base each, so they are entitled to one Garmin® code each. The 180 x 200 model has 2 bed bases, so it is entitled to receive 2 Garmin® codes. You will have to register both bed bases to receive the corresponding e-mails with the codes.

Use your Garmin® wearable to have a complete experience with your ErgoSportive™ sleep and recovery system.

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of a Garmin® wearable or upgrade your own.

You can choose one of two FREE options.

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