Frequently Asked Questions



  • Plug your Smart & Adjustable Bed into a power surge protector.
  • Register your warranty as soon as your Smart & Adjustable Bed has been delivered. Registration can be done here.
  • Evenly distribute weight when using your Smart & Adjustable Bed.
  • Enter or exit your Smart & Adjustable Bed in the flat (horizontal) position.
  • Lower to the flat (horizontal) position in between presets & after use.


  • Do not operate your Smart & Adjustable Bed continuously for more than two minutes within 18 minutes.
  • Do not sit on corners/edges or stand/jump on the Smart & Adjustable Bed at any time.
  • Do not use this Smart & Adjustable Bed with TENT TYPE oxygen therapy equipment or near explosive gases.
  • Do not tilt the Smart & Adjustable Bed on its side or drag to move it.


Clear the pathway to the room and the room of any clutter and/or furniture & appliances before the delivery. Ensure to clear/prepare enough space to work around the designated area where your Smart & Adjustable Bed will be placed.

Yes! There are detailed instructions for setup/installation in the Owner’s Manual provided with the Smart & Adjustable Bed.
In any case, the assembling service is included when you buy your bed in our online store.
*Please note two people are required for setup/installation.

Yes, an Alan/Hex wrench is required to secure the connection brackets.
The tool is provided in the Smart & Adjustable Bed packaging.

There are detailed instructions for setup/installation in the Owner’s Manual provided with the Smart & Adjustable Bed.

Alternatively, you can check the installation video here.

No, since the ErgoSportive™ bed is already a complete bed set.


Lower to the flat (horizontal) position after each use.

Enter or exit your Smart & Adjustable Bed in the flat (horizontal) position.

The Smart & Adjustable Bed product is not rated to support weights over 340kgs (750 pounds), including the mattress and bedding. The Smart & Adjustable Bed will structurally support this weight, provided it is evenly distributed across the bed. The Smart & Adjustable Bed is not designed to support or lift this amount alone in the head or foot sections. Exceeding the specified weight restriction could damage the bed and/or cause injury and void the warranty.

Understand that your Smart & Adjustable Bed is a moving, vibrating, mechanical product. Through general use, tension, pressure, or movement applied to the frame, platform, or shroud may create an audible sound.

The size/space of the surrounding location environment will determine the travel & absorption of acoustic sounds/tones emitted during operation.

When installed in a home setting with wooden floors, carpeted or not, acoustic sounds/tones will be more noticeable in smaller spaces/environments.

In regular base operation, the wheels that allow the bed to maintain its distance from the wall will contact the steel platform supports of the base, creating a contact noise. When entering, exiting, or shifting weight on the base, this contact noise may be audible as the wheels make contact. This is normal.

The Smart & Adjustable Bed has “CE Europe Conformity Compliance.” There is little energy consumption for the Smart & Adjustable Bed, and it will never impact your energy/electricity bill.

The output of the Smart & Adjustable Bed is 28v.


Plug your Smart & Adjustable Bed into a power surge protector.

Evenly distribute weight when using your Smart & Adjustable Bed.

Lower to the flat (horizontal) position in between presets & after use.

Use mild soap and water to clean your Smart & Adjustable Bed if staining occurs.

For the headboard with the LED light, use dry cleaning products.


Check under the bed to verify that the wired connections are secure and that no cords or bedding obstruct the bed’s movement.

Remove and replace full batteries in the wireless remote control and re-pair the remote to the bed.

Plug the Smart & Adjustable Bed into a different electrical outlet or test the current outlet with another working appliance (a grounded, electrical surge protector is recommended).

Check to ensure the green LED light is illuminated on the power supply & control box. If there is no light, verify that the input and power cords are connected properly.

Unplug the bed for 1 hour to reset the electronic components.

Locate the Smart & Adjustable Bed serial number on your owner’s manual, warranty card, or contact customer service inside the remote cover.

Put the Smart & Adjustable Bed to the flat position, unplug it from the power source, and stay 1-2 minutes. Connect it back to the power source, and your bed should work.

If your Smart & Adjustable Bed stops working while articulated, insert two 9-volt batteries into the power down box and press the button on the power down box to lower back to the flat. If batteries or power down box is not available, remove the cotter pin & bolt connecting the motor(s) to the frame & manually lower back to flat.

Locate the Smart & Adjustable Bed serial number on your owner’s manual, warranty card, or contact customer service inside the remote cover.

The vibration motors will emit a tone during operation. This is normal. As the massage intensity level is increased, the tone will intensify. The volume of this tone is directly related to the location environment/space & different preset or articulated positions.

We highly recommend using a small carpet/padding under each leg to absorb vibration during operation.

First, you need to be sure that the bed is fully operating. If so and the light still doesn’t work, you can check if the headboard’s LED power cable is fixed with the cable from the control box.


The Smart & Adjustable Bed reads signals emitted by the human body, such as vibrations from heartbeats and respiration. Based on these signals, related physiological characteristics indexes can be calculated, such as heart rate, respiration rate, and variability.

Heart rate variability is controlled by the human nervous system, which will be affected through the nervous system by any influence of external environment on the human body and any change of human health state, so this index can be used to evaluate the change of human health.

There is no accurate definition of the beginning of sleep, and it does not appear suddenly and cannot be defined by an index. Electrical signals, such as EEG, EOG, and EMG, are the gold standard sleep stages. The study found that different sleep stages are related to heart rate and respiration rate changes. Based on this relationship, the time to fall asleep and sleeping stages are roughly calculated, which are different from medical stages in nature, and maybe inconsistent with their subjective feelings.

Physiological actions such as heartbeat and breathing can create micro-vibrations. The sensor collects micro-vibration signals generated by the body during sleep and extracts physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiration from the vibration signals according to the characteristics of heartbeat and respiration.

It means that your anti-snore function is enabled, and when the bed detects the snoring, it rises to help you get rid of the snore. If you would like to disable this function, please proceed to your Bed Settings to lower the sensitivity of it or to turn it off completely.

Your sleep data and performance can be viewed using the ErgoSportive App. You can download the app for Android and iOS using the following links.

Your sleep data and performance can only be viewed by you, by using the ErgoSportive App. You can download the app for Android and iOS using the following links.

In the first 3 – 5 days, there can be a slight data mismatch because the algorithm adapts to your body vibrations and sleep cycle. If the data is still not accurate after 5 days of use, please register a warranty case or contact our customer support at support@ergomotionplus.com.

Please check if Garmin’s CONNECT application is synchronized with your watch. If the data still doesn’t appear, check the connection between your Garmin account and the ErgoSportive™ application in the ErgoSportive™ application’s Settings section.


The Smart & Adjustable Beds are designed in Santa Barbara, California, and are assembled in Jiaxing, PRC.

Yes, the assemble video can be found by the QR code in your bed’s instruction, or you can follow the link here.

Steel, wood and foam plastic molded components.

Ergomotion® Plus products use environmentally conscious materials for all designs, including but not limited to eucalyptus wood from sustainable crops, recyclable foam & water-based adhesives.

Proceed to the Setting page on the ErgoSportive™ app and press “Spotify integration” to proceed with the linking process.

The Smart & Adjustable Bed has a maximum of 28v output while in use. There is 01 draw from the outlet when idle, equivalent to lighting the clock on your oven/microwave.

The Smart & Adjustable Bed will operate best with an Adjustable Friendly Mattress. For that reason, Ergomotion® Plus has created the most suitable and appropriate mattress, the ErgoMattress. Non-adjustable friendly mattresses will work with the Smart & Adjustable Bed; however, “bridging” may occur if/when weight is not applied to the bed. We also recommend using a mattress with an anti-skid cloth on the cover that minimizes possible sideways movements with regular usage”.


Register your warranty by filling our product warranty registration form here.

You can fill the contact form on our website/application or send the warranty claims/queries to support@ergomotionplus.com

All warranty claims are processed by Ergomotion® Plus Customer Service. To start your claim, please call a representative at support@ergomotionplus.com
*Please have your Smart & Adjustable Bed serial number (located on your warranty card, owner’s manual, and the metal frame for your convenience) and proof of purchase readily available for assistance.

Yes! Free release head and foot motors are designed to lower the mattress by retracting only with gravity, never pulling downwards, minimizing pinch points.
To avoid injury, it is not advised to allow children and small pets to play on or under the bed.
Children should not operate the Smart & Adjustable Bed without adult supervision.
Immediately dispose of all packing materials as they may pose a smothering risk to small children and pets.

This product contains Neodymium MAGNETS which may interfere with devices such as pacemakers, ICD’s and any other device sensitive to magnetic fields. It is STRONGLY recommended that owners of such medical devices consult their physicians before using this product. Some pacemakers may falsely interpret the optional massage feature vibrations as movement/exercise. This is common with any product that creates a vibrating movement using the massage feature.


Yes, both have a warranty period, which is 10 for the mattress and 3 years for the pillow.
Please check the warranty label to see warranty conditions and care instructions.

The cover of the pillow is made of 72.5% polyester fiber and 27.5% viscose fiber.

Core is made out of 81% polyester and 19% latex, while the top material is made out of polyester, viscose, and polyurethane mix.


Select the product you want to purchase, the quantity, and go to check out, filling all required fields. At the final step, you will be prompted to select a payment method, and depending on your option, you may be directed to our payment provider’s environment, where you can enter your payment details.

You don’t have to create an account to make a purchase, but you will need to register your warranty, which is a necessary step to get your free Garmin® wearable.

Yes! You can try our product in the physical stores of any of our preferred partners.

We are currently accepting payments in many of the most popular methods in your country.
Germany – Vorkasse, Paypal, Giropay, Sofort, Klarna, Credit/Debit Card, SEPA Bank Transfer The Netherlands – iDeal, Credit, Paypal, Klarna, Debit Card, SEPA Bank Transfer Belgium – Bancontact, Sofort, Paypal, Klarna, Credit/Debit card, SEPA Bank Transfer.

You will only receive a confirmation e-mail of your order after payment has been confirmed and received by us. The order confirmation will only occur after confirmation.

Yes! After your order has been confirmed, you can check the status of your order in your Ergomotion Plus personal area.

Yes! With White Glove delivery service we can offer your old bed’s pick-up and scrap.

First you have to register your ErgoSportive™ Bed base warranty here. To register the warranty, you will need to fill a form, provide some personal data, as well as proof of purchase and a valid serial number ID.

You can locate your bed’s serial number under the frame of your bed, in your owner’s manual or on the remote. Please bear in mind that you need to register serial number of the head part of the bed (the one where you rest your head).

After registering your warranty, you will receive an e-mail with a voucher in the form of a code and a link to the associated Garmin® online store where you can select your product and insert the code for the discount. The voucher is only valid in the indicated online store, and cannot be used in any other retail or online stores.

Keep in mind the following conditions. You can only receive 1 Garmin® voucher per serial number of ErgoSportive™ Bed. A double bed 180 x 200 counts as two serial numbers.

Ergomotion® is not responsible for the availability of Garmin® products and therefore, any issues or questions regarding Garmin® products, features, and sales services must be addressed to the appropriate Garmin® customer support service.