Athlete’s Insights:
How Sleep Affects Your Health and Performance

To raise awareness of World Hypertension Day this year and the importance of proper recovery, we spoke with our brand ambassador, Loïc Vliegen. He is a professional cyclist with over a decade of experience, and his expertise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is invaluable to our team.

In this interview, Loïc shares his insights on the importance of quality sleep and how his ErgoSportive™ bed has impacted his daily routine and overall physical performance. He also offers tips for maximizing physical performance and staying motivated, as well as how becoming a part of Ergomotion®’s family has impacted his personal journey.

As an athlete, how important is getting quality sleep for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

As a professional for more than 10 years, I have observed that recovery is even more important than training. Training only benefits after a good nap or night’s sleep.


How has ErgoSportive™ Smart & Adjustable bed impacted your daily routine and overall physical performance?

I like to follow my sleep score to adjust my training. Now with the ErgoSportive™ app, it’s an easy way to track my sleep parameters. I also like to elevate my legs during my afternoon nap for sufficient recovery.


Can you share any tips for maximizing physical performance that has worked for you?

 As I said, recovery is even more important than training. That’s why I’m happy to be an Ergomotion ambassador, which helps me recover faster. My motto is: “Keep pushing – train, eat, sleep, repeat”.


How do you stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

As a professional cyclist, a healthy lifestyle is crucial, and I have to take care of all the parameters involved, including nutrition, training, and recovery. It’s never easy to maintain such a high level of concentration throughout the year, so it’s important to take breaks to rest the mind a little bit.


How has becoming a brand ambassador for Ergomotion +Plus impacted your personal journey?

I’ve been an Ergomotion ambassador for a few months now, and I’ve already developed some habits. After my training, I like to spend at least an hour in my bed. I immediately elevate my legs for good blood circulation. At bedtime, I turn on the LED lights first and have a small chat with my wife before sleeping. This is my daily routine with my ErgoSportive™ bed.


By prioritizing quality sleep and recovery, we not only enhance our physical performance but also take a crucial step toward managing blood pressure and maintaining overall health. Loïc’s valuable insights and tips emphasize the significance of adequate sleep, and we encourage you to consider the role that ErgoSportive™ Smart Bed can play in improving your sleep quality. On this World Hypertension Day let’s remember that a good night’s sleep is a key component of a healthy lifestyle.